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Ideally, the earlier in high school we begin working with a student the better; but we can begin the process at any point in the high school career. We strongly encourage starting our relationship early in the 9th grade. By working with an educational consultant early in your child’s high school career, your student is able to receive guidance and suggestions on curriculum planning, testing advice, and being intentional with extracurricular activities and enrichment opportunities.

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Yes. When contracting with CCEC, you will sign a document acknowledging your intentions to do so. This document will be shared with your High School counselor, so everyone is on the same page with your application process.

CCEC cannot and does not guarantee admission to any college or university. We will help determine a list of colleges (Reach, Target, and Likely) that are the best fit for each student to apply and help them put their best foot forward for consideration by the admission offices. We do not have influence to make or change an admissions decision.

The frequency of meetings will depend on where the client is in the process. The schedule of meetings will gradually increase from the student’s 9th grade year until his/her 12th grade year. When the student is in the application and essay writing process during fall of the 12th grade year, meetings will occur often and may be as frequent as a few times a week to ensure timely application/essay completion and submission.

The level of parental involvement in the college search process will vary. An initial interview should always be with the student and parent(s) in order to review general interests, needs, aspirations and gain a general understanding of college admissions.

Parents are copied on all email correspondence to students as well as meeting notes to keep them up-to-date.

CCEC is located in Athens, GA and works with clients both locally and nationally. While it’s customary to conduct the majority of our client meetings via Zoom, we would prefer to have an in-person meeting in Athens initially or very early in the process.

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